Levis 513

Levis 513

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The Comfortably Slim Levis 513

Are you looking for the best jeans that will comfortably suit you? Levis 513 might be the ultimate jeans you should have! Not that skinny yet not that straight, this might be the best description for these jeans.

This latest addition to the remarkable jeans line of Levis, is boasting of all Levis classic features, ensuring you that this certainly made with quality in mind.

It has more room compared to the Levis 511 Skinny and with a much higher rise compared to 514 Slim Straight, It sits at your waist, strategically defined by its up to date slim cut.

History of Levis

Made in year 1873, the jeans from Levis are considered to be one of the world’s authentic and original jeans.

These clothing products can be considered as the widely recognized, most successful and commonly imitated as far as apparel’s history is concerned.

Generations after generations, Levis jeans never fail in capturing the attention and loyalty of numerous individuals from all over the world.

The legendary jean of Levis had its unique story starting on the year 1829, specifically February 26 as this was the date when Levi Strauss has been born to the world.

Known as the creator of the highly celebrated “blue jeans”, Levi has been successful in finding a special place in the souls and hearts of individuals all over the world.

A great representative of bold independent spirit, Levis jeans were always specifically made for past, present and future pioneers, the reason why they are considered as a strong household force to be taken into account.

An original Bavarian immigrant, Levi Strauss has traveled westward, searching for greater fortune and opportunities.

A very eager businessman during his days, he built a wholesale business of dry goods simply named “Levi Strauss & Co.” Through this very outlet, Levi imported the dry goods that he needed, which included fabric, clothing and umbrellas. 

Due to that time’s gold rush, business was really promising yet Levi has not struck gold until year 1873.

Levi Strauss, together with Jacob Davis, his co-creator, has patented the procedure of incorporating rivets to the pants in order to increase durability and strength.

The classic blue jeans that they have created will now be found in catwalks and households all over the globe.


Fit and Sizing

More people are turning to jeans as their apparel of choice. This is because of the variety of designs, colors and patterns that allow anyone to find a pair most suitable for whatever occasion.

That being said, the following are the main types of jeans you have the option of choosing on your next shopping trip.

Bell Bottom

This style appeared in the 1970s and has been gaining popularity ever since. They are tight around the waist and loosen as one proceeds downwards, forming a pronounced bell shape.

Levis has created bell bottom jeans for both genders. You will also have the option of choosing jeans for formal occasions or for casual use.

While you can get these jeans with any color, most of them tend to come in different shades of blue. At present, they are more popular with women.

Straight Cut

These jeans tend to have an even width from hips to ankle. This means that they follow the width of your leg making them slightly tapered at the ankle. They are common with both men and women.

A woman looking for these kinds of jeans can go for the modern slight curve, modern Demi curve, modern supreme curve, classic Demi curve as well as a variety of low rise and mid-rise options.

A man can go for any one of the slim jeans. Both genders have numerous color and size options to choose from.

513 Skinny Leg

These body hugging jeans tend to taper towards the ankle. They are preferred by tall people with slim physiques.

Other names for these type of skinny jeans  include tapered jeans, ice cream cone pants, carrot leg jeans etc.

Whatever name you use, most likely the shop attendant would easily point them out to you since they are fairly popular.  There are also numerous low rise and mid-rise options to choose from.

Boot Cut Jeans

These are a little similar to flare cut jeans but with less room.

You will find that they are tighter around the thighs after which they loosen considerably from the knee down to the ankle.

This makes them suitable for people that have boots as their footwear of choice.

Women will have various design options to choose from such as modern slight curve, night streak modern Demi curve, unhinged youth modern Demi boot cut, harvest boyfriend mini boot cut etc.

There is also design and color options that will allow you to choose a pair of jeans for any occasion, formal or casual. They tend to be more popular with women than men.

Flare Cut

These are slightly similar to bell bottom in that they are slim around the hips and loosen up from the knee to the ankle, giving them a bell like shape.

They tend to be more comfortable than the bell bottom and boot cut making people prefer them as casual wear.

On the other hand, there are numerous design options you can choose to buy for formal gatherings e.g. office parties without sacrificing decency and style.

In a nutshell, there is a pair of jeans for anyone, regardless of gender, financial reach or fashion inclination.

If you also want to own unique jeans that came from a line of well reputed jeans, make sure that you get your own pair of 513 jeans. This is definitely your best choice of looking good while being ensured that what you are wearing is of top quality.